This Is What Will Happen When You Eat Avocados Everyday

One of the healthiest fruits on the planet is definitely avocado. The high amounts of healthy nutrients, especially healthy fats, which can provide many health benefits for you and your health in general make avocado so magical. It also tastes so delicious.

People who eat avocados tend to be generally healthier according to the researchers, with a much higher nutrient intake and lower Body Mass Index than those who don’t.

So, this is why you shouldn’t limit your avocado consumption to Superbowl season.

Nutrient Rich

Eating avocado everyday, you will intake more than 20 minerals and vitamins which are needed for our organism.

One avocado contains:

  • 33% Vitamin C
  • 26% Vitamin B6
  • 21% Vitamin E
  • 28% Pantothenic Acid
  • 19% Copper
  • 28% Potassium
  • 53% Vitamin K
  • 41% Folate

It is a great source of Healthy Fats

The great thing here is, even though contain high amount of fats, that actually is a beneficial thing. Avocados contain the monosaturated fat and the “good” fats. This can help you to lower the risk of stroke and heart attack, along with the levels of bad cholesterol in your blood.

Avocado is also known as a pain reliever

The avocado extract is suitable for treating and reducing symptoms of arthritis of the bones, also known as osteoarthritis, and other types of inflammatory related aches and pains due to its anti-inflammatory benefits.

It will make your bones STRONG

Because of its bone-healthy nutrients, such as Vitamin K, copper and folate, you can add avocados in your healthy diet too. It can help you build and retain strong bones.

To get better results, you can also add some other fruits too.

Except the benefits listed above, avocados are also great in:

Improving Digestion

Improving Your Mood

Eye Health

Healthy Skin and Hair

Energy Booster

They have Cancer Fighting Properties

Very Important for Future Mothers

Fight Inflammation

Prevent Diabetes

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